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What we do
We believe that no two businesses are the same. We wouldn’t want to squeeze you in to someone else’s box. We take a fluid approach to every project and adapt quickly to your needs rather than moulding. you to our products.
We’ve provide a comprehensive list of services from web design and development through to online marketing.

Responsive Web Design

We create responsive, clean and user friendly websites designed with the end user in mind. We’ve designed sites for bloggers, blue chip companies and everything in between.

Web Development

We go beyond websites to develop creative solutions for your business. Our strength is innovation and strategy. We look for ways to take your business to the next level.

Digital Strategy

We truly believe that technology can help make you more productive. We have a comprehensive list of digital services that will help propel you in to the future . From cloud-based accounting to CRM to sales automation. We have a solution that fits your need.

E-commerce Development

With more and more people taking their products online, we can help you navigate these tricky waters. With over 10 years experience, we know all the ins and outs to ensure your transition online is smooth.

Online Marketing

Online marketing is evolving fast. There are many channels to choose from and picking the right path os more critical than ever. Strategy is where we shine and we will walk this road with you. Social Media, Email Marketing, Pay-per-click, Sales Automation and so much more. We will partner with you to take your brand in to the stratosphere.

Content Generation

In the world of online marketing, content is king. Not quantity but quality. We specialise in helping you generate the right message on the right medium to engage your customers. From Videography to Photography to Copywriting and Print Design, we’ve got you covered.

From website marketing to content generation to responsive web development

At Pixel Bay, we believe our comprehensive service offering is what makes us the best web agency to meet your business’s online needs. Want to get your business thriving in today’s online-driven world? All you have to do is take us up on our world class responsive web development, digital strategy, e-commerce website services, online website marketing and content generation services!

Digital strategy

What do you want and how can we help you get there? The blueprint to your success is planned carefully in your digital strategy, and it’s informed by the business objectives you want to achieve, your budget, your timeframe, and your target audience. Every business is completely unique, which is why every business deserves its own unique digital strategy. Let Pixel Bay help set the course with you!

Responsive web development

Almost every person in our country has phone, and an increasing number of those are either smartphones or tablets. This means there’s a good chance that your target audience will first encounter your business on a smaller screen, and not on a PC.

If you want your business to look great on these screens, responsive web development is key to ensuring your website looks great, and that customers can contact you with ease, no matter which device they are using.

E-commerce Development

The key to boosting your E-commerce is making it easy and safe for shoppers to use your online shop. We can help you create an attention-grabbing, but still simple and secure online shopping platform that will perfectly fit into your business’ current website. If you already have a webstore, we can easily update it for you as well.

Online Marketing

Seeing as we will help you with creating your digital strategy, we can also easily assist you with its implementation as well! Let us help with all your online marketing needs, implementing social media accounts and ad platforms, and provide monitoring and adjusting as necessary. We’ll also keep tabs on your progress, so we can show you just how far you’ve come!

Content generation

Why hire a separate social marketing agency to create engaging content for you to post? We can offer you the content your website or online presence needs, optimised by our in-house search engine optimization specialists to ensure it will generate traffic and grab the right audience’s attention.

Few website and app development companies in Durban can offer you the best of both worlds like we do. In addition to the above, we also offer SEO services, social media marketing, email marketing as well as cloud and CRM solutions.

You can enjoy all the above through a single point of contact, saving you time, money and effort.

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